Love, for those who can receive it.

Truth, for those who accept it.

Power, for those who can handle it.


Created in 2014



Born in '89

Hi, I’m Antonio from Naples.


I’m 27 years old and my CV is a long list of studies I haven’t completed and cities I’ve left. I thought I was meant to become an engineer in Rome, an economics and marketing manager in London and back to Italy a philosophy student, expressing my need for existential answer. Finally, after seven years of struggle, I realised none of those roles were my real path and that Life wanted to take me somewhere different to become who I really am.


I opened a communications agency called "Kontrast" where I’m working as a web master specialised in graphic design, my first but not only passion. Communicate, share lives and create art is what make me feel alive.


Pyramyd was my first personal creation, a way to express the mechanic of my own universe giving me constant inspiration and advice to keep following my dreams of a deeper, sincere and concrete sense of humanity.


Moreover, I created this game mainly out of necessity, because in a very dark period of my life, in which any universe seemed possible and my mind was wrapped in riddles and constant changes in reality, I had the need to immerse myself in something very real. I faced myself and talked to me wondering in what universe I wanted to live permanently. The answer was a self-made universe, where everyone could find a place for themselves, and I could finally "be" what universal love creates.